Many of our loyal members say that MyMarketingPass does "EVERYTHING" for their business, and although we appreciate that level of confidence, "everything" has no boundaries, and unfortunately, there are certain things outside of the spectMyMarketingPass just doesn't do: 

  • We don't do SEO Keyword research
  • We don't do academic research
  • We don't do hashtag research
  • We don't do in-depth research
  • We don't respond to activity on social media
  • We don't research or pull content off of other peoples social media
  • We don't post to LinkedIn yet
  • We don't post to Twitter yet
  • We don't anticipate your needs or build things without a request
  • We don't do project management
  • We don't do advanced custom coding or software development
  • We don't do tech support
  • We don't communicate with 3rd parties on your behalf

We love getting your requests right the first time as quickly as possible, but if there is something that isn't specified in the request, it may be overlooked in the execution. Please be mindful to share the important details in each request to help MyMarketing pass deliver your mark with excellence. 

If you aren't sure if MyMarketingPass does something, please just ask! You can either submit a coaching question or 

MyMarketingPass is committed to delivering the muscle and know-how to turn your vision into reality. But there are certain parts of that process that requires participation on behalf of someone at the company, whether that is the CEO, Chief Marketing Officer, assistant, or someone else.

Some projects require multiple moving parts depending on their complexity and some processes can take extended periods of time on a case-by-case basis. All services and work will stop upon the cancelation of your membership. MyMarketingPass is an unlimited monthly on-demand service, and when the membership lapses, all active requests will be moved to "Pending Billing" until the membership is reinstated.

To learn more about our expected delivery times, please visit this article for specific task turnarounds here.

You can also read our terms of service here: