Sales Appeals make writing compelling content easy by giving you a building block to start with. Combine a Sales Appeal with your Call to Action to generate social media posts, blog articles and more that almost write themselves:

  1. Fear of Missing Out (FOMO): Nobody wants to miss out on a good deal, special offer, or a memorable experience - this is a fact. Deploy the Fear of Missing Out to motivate qualified buyers into action before they lose out on a limited opportunity. The one thing all FOMO appeals share is an end date where non-action has consequences because without consequence the target has no reason to act. 

  1. Limited Time: “For a limited time only...” These are some of the most prolific words in all of sales, and for good reason. 

    • Coupon Code good before 4/20

    • Cart closes at midnight

    • Discount expires Monday at 5 pm.

  2. Limited Quantity: Not exclusive to physical items only, a Limited Quantity is an effective angle for all offers digital or otherwise.

    • We only have X available

    • Get this special bonus on the next X orders ONLY

    • Our coaching mastermind only has X seats left

  3. “Before Bad”: When your target is on a direct path to suffering negative consequences if they don’t take up your offer, consider employing the “Before Bad” angle. The fear of time running out before consequences is a form of FOMO and it is used well in many industries where 

  • Get insured before you leave your family with unexpected bills

  • Conquer your emotional intelligence before 

  • Read this book before your boss does

  1. Us vs Them: People identify themselves with the things they buy, that’s no secret. For many, their choice of brand, model, or experience becomes a part of who they are because it represents who they aren’t. Why? Us vs Them appeals viscerally in a way that allows the buyer to attach emotional or moral concepts to your offer in a way that your buyer can emotionally respond to regardless of whoever “they” are.

    • Apple users think different

    • Real American Bikers Ride Harley Davidson

    • “Choosy Moms Choose Jif”

    1. On a Mission: Missions are easy for your audience to understand because they have a clear definition and finite goal. Declaring your organization to be “on a mission” implies relatively that others are NOT - even only by act of complacency. Repositioning your content as an extension of your larger mission may appeal strongly to zealots to your cause, and getting them to react emotionally in the moment. 

      • We’re on a mission to finally end XYZ!

      • Our mission is to empower female executives how to ABC!

      • Join us as we change the way busy mothers XYZ

    2. Correcting False Info: When Use instances where the common person is misinformed and 

      • 97% of X have been doing ABC wrong

      • Did you Know XYZ?!?

      • What you don’t know about the XYZ hoax

    3. The “Bad Guy”: Uniting around a common Sometimes it can be authority figures or institutions, others it can be ideas or communities that can rally against, even if only symbolically.

      • The Thing Big Banks DON’T Want You to Know

      • 5 Critical Facts That They Won’t Teach You In Medical School

      • We’re not going to take it from the IRS anymore!

  1. Social Proof: Showing that others similar to your target have had a positive experience is the best indicator to them that they will too. More convincing than any other appeal alone to a qualified buyer, a raw article of Social Proof can break through logical objections and drive a cautious buyer to act.

    1. Classic: A direct evaluation can be the most powerful appeal of a discerning buyer.

      • Testimonials

      • Reviews

      • Awards

    2. 3rd Party: When a trusted source says something is valid, you don’t have to. 

      • “The XYZ association claims that there are ###”

      • “Research shows that…”

      • “4 out of 5 Homeowners believe that…”

    3. Endorsements: Using the words written about you by an expert or thought leader can go a long way toward and will elevate you to the level of the authority.

      • Sponsored by MyMarketingPass

      • Endorsed by George Foreman

      • Supported by the first woman president of the Pawnee Chamber

      • Official sports drink of the University Of Switzerland

    4. Distinctions: If you’ve achieved a level of excellence that nobody else has, this can be used as a form of social proof that you know what you are doing. 

  • Award Winner

  • Record Holder

  • First in the world

  1. Dog Whistle: Implying that your offer is only right for a certain type of person with specific traits, will subconsciously push the audience to want to “pick a side.” Add to this appeal by making someone feel like this distinction elevates them above someone else and those that pick your side will often be more excited and engaged than a typical lead.

  • This message is only for people who are experiencing X, Y, or even Z

  • If you have ever X’d, Y’d, or Z’d, this is what you’re looking for!

  • For busy professionals who are sick of never having time to eat with their families

  1. Shout: The opposite of a Dog Whistle, a shout directly names the reader by their most obvious and glaring qualifying attribute. Since the consumers we are trying to reach are bombarded by hundreds of advertisements a day, sometimes we find ourselves in situations where it’s best to put aside subtlety and shout directly at them to get their attention in the crowd.  

    • Hey, HOMEOWNER in Southern California!! 

    • BUSY BUSINESS PROFESSIONALS in Miami looking to build their network faster?

    • Tucsonans who need dental work!!

  1. Open Letter: The Open Letter is a traditional trigger used since the early days of print advertising. An open letter assumes the sale. It comes with confidence, instead of asking someone to consider their offer, but to step right up and “take a number” so they can get you up to speed.

    • An Open Letter to Business Coaches in Fairfax

    • An Open Letter to All Mothers of newborns

    • An Open Letter to Owners of “Senior Dogs” over the age of 8

  1. Notice: A Notice masks itself as an industry campaign meant for all potentially affected consumers. Many people will not consider the source when they encounter a Notice that speaks a language that is relevant to them and will take the message as news.

    • Notice for SoCal HOMEOWNERS: You are paying way too much for…

    • Important Announcement for Amazon Prime Users!

    • Critical Memo for Ford Drives Only!


  1. New: Something can only be new once, and the “new” appeal drives curiosity to find out before everyone else. People are looking for a better mousetrap, and for a brief moment, your something new might be exactly that - making it a timeless and universal appeal. New allows a product to be both unproven and flawless as it is yet to be proven otherwise. The opposite of social Proof.

  1. Classic:

    • New Tax Software For Small Businesses

    • Try This New Impossible Burger

    • The New Way To Buy A Car in Raleigh

  1. Back By Popular Demand: Relaunching your offer because people couldn’t live without it is proof to your audience it works. 

    • Get the Classic edition!

    • We’ve Brought Back The Original!

    • Back By Popular Demand: Szechuan Sauce!

  1. New & Improved!:

    • New Barbasol Shave Cream: Thicker Lather and Better Skin Conditioning

    • New & Improved Gorilla Glue Formula

    • You spoke, we listened! Get the enhanced 2nd Edition of Cards Against Humanity

  1. Bandwagon: “If everyone else is jumping off a bridge,” would you do it too? Statistically speaking, it's likely. For many people, the influence of their peers is persuasively important and if others were jumping off a proverbial bridge they absolutely will too, even if the reason didn’t make a whole lot of sense - it’s human nature. You can’t underestimate the power of otherwise unresponsive individuals to jump onto a bandwagon with others they know, like, or respect are already doing it too.

    • All the best copywriters are using these 10 angles

    • The fastest growing entrepreneurs in Los Angeles are XYZ

    • The best moms in in Flagstaff are taking their children to XYZ

  1. Authority:

    • Phoenix voted and it’s official: we serve the best burgers in the area!

    • Siskel & Ebert agree: Home Alone is the perfect Christmas family film.

    • Over 10 Million Users Can’t Be Wrong!

  1. Established: Audiences equate being around for a long time with being good at what you do. Otherwise how would we still be doing it? 

    • Was your father a FORD MAN, too?

    • Ask Your Neighbors About The AARP

    • We have over 200 years of experience...

  1. Trending: Online or off, a product, service, or  that is quickly rising in popularity can be considered trending 

    • More people than ever are XYZ and here’s why

    • There has been a rise in XYZ

    • XYZ activity has doubled since January


  1. Embarrassment/Pain: Social stigma is a powerful force that influences your buyer relating to your product or service, however benign or direct that may be.

    • Get rid of embarrassing XYZ issues

    • Keep from being the guy that doesn’t have XYZ at your next meeting

    • Don’t be embarrassed by your website ever again

  1. Better Mousetrap: Your buyers are always on the lookout for a “better mousetrap.” Even if they’ve seen what you do a thousand times, the right “Better Mousetrap” appeal will persuade at least a percentage of qualified prospects in your audience to try your alternate solution - which in some cases is all we need.

  1. Premium: Made from the best parts, with the best plan, built by people with the best experience… etc.

    • Made From Sustainably Sourced Forests

    • Parts Made and Assembled in the USA

    • Forged From The Highest Grade 440A Surgical Steel

  1. Best Kept Secret: This appeal allows you to be both established AND excitingly new to the new consumer.

    • Own The Same Tools Used By The Pros!

    • The Best Kept Secret By Dry Cleaners

    • Our Family Secret To Fluffy, Delicious Pancakes EVERY Time

  1. The Breakthrough: A forward step in innovation, the Breakthrough angle. Something that “breaks the mold.”

    • A new spin on traditional healthcare

    • The XYZ 2000 achieves DOUBLE the power of our original

    • New Breakthrough Fat Loss Supplement Decimates Belly Fat

  1. Ol’ Fashioned: Some people swear that things were better back in the “good old days” and appealing to their nostalgic sensibilities can be very persuasive to the right audiences.

    • No fancy software, we build it the “ol’ fashioned way”

    • We make our XYZ in small batches the way our grandparents did it

    • We don’t treat you like another number, we do business the old fashioned way

  1. How to Y without Z: The thought of being able to perform a familiar task without a conventional piece of the equation is tantalizing to many audiences. When you can do something in a new way it subconsciously reinforces your authority and the idea that you are an innovator worthy of following. This adds to your authority and makes your buyer more likely to act on your offer.

    1. Classic: A straightforward “How to Y without Z” will use the major mechanism of curiosity to drive interest. 

      • How to rob a bank and not get caught!

      • How to make a million dollars without becoming a workaholic

      • How to step on a crack WITHOUT breaking your mother's back

  1. Avoid: Giving someone a way to accomplish a familiar outcome while avoiding a common or familiar pain point will capture many buyer’s interest. Fundamentally a “doesn’t want to” instead of “can’t.”

    • Breakthrough that 4pm tired feeling without all the caffeine

    • Give your family home-made meals without having to cook

    • We will show you how to XYZ...and it's NOT how you may think

  1. Abstaining: Some individuals are empowered by a choice to avoid certain types of products or services with particular ingredients or traits. At the end of the day, many consumers realize that they vote with their dollars, and using an Abstaining angle empowers the buyer's perception of self-worth, making it a powerful and personal appeal.

    • The most delicious meatloaf without meat?

    • The best carpet cleaning without harsh volatile chemicals

    • Our water bottles are BPA free

  2. If you can Y you can Z

    • If you can afford a cup of coffee a day, you can afford this course

  1. “News-jack”: Using relevant newsworthy content like articles or reports as jumping-off points for your content or offer will get people’s attention and establish correlated authority in your audience's mind. Like most things: the bigger source, the better a piece of curated content is for our purposes. Use articles relevant to your business and in turn, establish or reestablish your authority as a leader in what you are doing. For best results, use the freshest credible sources you can find.

    1. Classic:

      • The PPP Loan Program is live: here’s what you NEED to know!

      • 5 Shocking Relationship Lessons Your Marriage Can Take Away From Watching Johnny Depp’s Messy Breakup

      • Over 500 Businesses Are Going Bankrupt and Counting!

    2. Town Crier: “Did you hear?” The Town Crier gets the word before everybody else and has to tell you immediately. People often equate new with accurate and when you have something relevant to your value proposition that’s hot off the presses, you can use it for a great piece of content

      • Did you listen to what the president just said? 

      • Have you read this new article from CNN about dietary supplements from China?

      • Did you hear that some local mechanics are refusing to XYZ?

    3. Outrage: The outrage angle is perfect when your audience is volatile or quick to respond. Often people will confuse outrage with authority when it means reinforcing something they already believe

      • Can you believe XYZ?!

      • XYZ supports Animal Testing, Boycott Them Immediately!

      • Single Parents Are Fuming At The School Board

Create complex and multi-layered appeals by choosing more than one option from the list and adding it to your Call to Action. With minimal wordsmithing, you have the making of a compelling piece of content...