Contrary to popular belief, your growing business is less of a living idea or concept, and more of a machine made up of many different important parts that need to be built or installed - but that doesn't mean you need to panic putting everything into place all at once… 


Moving ahead confidently can be easy, you just need to know what level you currently are and what milestones go along with that level. (Because creating sustainable growth happens faster and easier when you're spending your resources on the right things at the right time.)


Your current "level" of growth will clearly determine which projects you should actually be focusing on, which you're overdue for, and what you can put on the backburner for now. 


Use this Level map to Discover your next best action steps by reading all of the “I” statements below, picking which one sounds MOST like your business, and then determining which of the corresponding pieces or projects you need to implement next…  


  1. Pre-Launch:    “I have an idea and expertise but I want to turn it into a growing business”


           Important milestones:

  1. Logo

  2. Brand Colors

  3. Brand Images

  4. Audience Avatar Blueprints (Worksheet)

  5. Offer Sheets (Worksheet)

  6. Mission Statement

  7. Domain

  8. Payment Processor



  1. Startup:    “I have great offers but I need to get my first customers”


                 Important milestones:

  1. Website

  2. Lead Magnet

  3. Social Media Pages

  4. Prospecting System

  5. Content Map (Blogs, Social Posts, etc.)

  6. Fulfillment protocol blueprint



  1. Lvl 1:    “Now that I have customers buying my offers, I need systems and processes to scale up”


                 Important milestones:

  1. CRM

  2. Sales Pipeline

  3. New Lead Automation

  4. Post Sales Interaction Follow Up Automation

  5. Email Broadcasts

  6. Offer Tree



  1. Lvl 2:    “I have customers and systems in place but I’ll need to streamline operations to get ahead”


                 Important milestones:

  1. Pixels

  2. Fulfillment Automation

  3. Testimonial Automation

  4. Membership Platform

  5. SEO keyword research

  6. SEO optimization




  1. Lvl 3:    “We’re nicely tuned with streamlined operations but now I need heavy traffic and more sales”


                 Important milestones:

  1. Landing Pages

  2. Facebook ads 

  3. Google PPC

  4. Sales Media

  5. SEO Blogging

  6. Prospecting Media Appearances 



  1. Lvl 4:    “I have offers, customers, and lots of traffic, I need to create ongoing sustainable growth” 


                 Important milestones:

  1. Advanced Metrics & Reporting

  2. New Employee Onboarding Automation

  3. Customer Service & Feedback Automations

  4. Chatbot & Customer Service Technology

  5. Automated Team Accountability Systems



  1. Lvl 5:    “I have sustainable growth and now I need to carve our place out ahead of our competitors” 


                 Important milestones:

  1. Video

  2. Aggressive Ad Campaigns

  3. Mass Media

  4. Sponsorship

  5. Corporate Partners



Once you've located where your business currently sits on the Level Map, you now have two primary objectives moving forward:


1. Look carefully through the milestones for the levels that precede where you are now to see if there is anything important you’ve missed. It's not uncommon for businesses to reach advanced levels without laying the prior proper groundwork by sheer force of will (which is always to be admired), but to keep moving forward they'll want to plug the holes first so that they don't lead to unnecessary challenges in the future. It’s often a good idea to address these outstanding elements before moving on to new milestones. 


(Lucky’s Pro Tip: Make a copy of this level sheet and strike-through or check off milestones as you meet them to keep track and stay focused!) 


2. Complete new milestones at your current level. Decide which of the unmet milestones in your level have the most benefit to your progress and begin working on them to completion.


If you do these two things, you will always know what to do next and will never get lost on your way to building your business again!


Use your Unlimited On-Demand MyMarketingPass membership portal and resources to help you knock out the necessary tasks from concept to content, to construction. 


Having trouble identifying where you fit on this Level Map? Please schedule time with a MyMarketingPass coach for a clarity call to help you get anchored so we can help you reach your potential faster without the road bumps or headaches of figuring it out alone!